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Glenn Stewart has over 25 years of experience in the industry, having taught students all across the globe.

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Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship Purpose driven horsemanship building confidence through principles and challenged learning.

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Horse DevelopmentWhitecourt, Alberta Stage 1 Clinic
November 1, 2014- November 2, 2014
Whitecourt, AB


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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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Can You See The Trees In The Forest?

Can you see the trees in the forest or just the forest?

Lately it seems more than usual I have been on a mission to try and have riders, horse owners, and anyone else I can find to look a lot deeper into what is going on with their horse.

Extreme Horsemanship Clinic and Competition September 13 & 14 - 2014


The Horse Ranch Presents Our 12th Annual
Extreme Horsemanship
Clinic-Competition-Chili Cook Off
“The Fine Art of Capturing The Horses Mind”
September 13-14, 2014

Working Student and Horseman's Apprentice Positions Available

The Horse Ranch is looking for someone to be a part of a positive, progressive, and energetic environment.   Successful applicant will assist with a variety of tasks in exchange for participation in Horsemanship camps/lessons, assessments, and use of horsemanship facilities. For more information about The Horse Ranch, Glenn Stewart and the Camps, please visit the Welcome and Camps sections at www.thehorseranch.com.


This is the home of Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Horse Specialist Glenn Stewart. We hope you will enjoy the virtual Horse Ranch. We've tried to make this an interesting place for you to visit and mosey around in with a bit of information and inspiration. We'll tell you all about how you can begin or further your knowledge of Natural Horsemanship through hands on help in our camps and clinics. We have the Stages Program & Assessments so your progress and learning can continue while you are at home, a three month Horsemanship Course for those looking to making a lifelong change in their abilities with horses, adventures and holidays you can experience with us, some exciting horse products we use, and other things that we just plain think are fun.

We've asked the question "Do you remember why you got into horses?" It is our belief that everyone whose lives have been touched by horses had a plan, a vision or an inspiration of how good it could be. Or maybe it was just the warmth of their manes, the wonderful smell or the way you felt better about everything whenever you were around them that got you started. Whatever it was, we hope you remember and better yet, you are living it. If you are we would like to be a part of that experience. Perhaps you've forgotten or gotten far away from the original dream, why you got into horses in the first place. We would love to to remind you of what that was and bring that dream into your reality. The possibilities are endless and best of all, we've found a way that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results with horses.

For everyone who has been a student of Glenn's in the past, we would like to thank you. What we do wouldn't be possible without you. For those of you we have yet to meet, it would be an honor to be a part of your horse experience in some way. For all of you, we hope you will be inspired to come see us at the real Horse Ranch, our home where we live our dream with horses. Thank you for your interest.


Glenn Stewart