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Camps & Courses Training utilizing understanding and psychology, rather than force, fear and intimidation.
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Nothing Beats Pure Focus.

The Camps & Intensives at The Horse Ranch are generally designed to be longer than a clinic, (from four days to 12 weeks!) and provide an opportunity to come to a place of focused learning where you are able to devote your undivided attention to the study of Stages 1 through 10.  Glenn's Natural Horsemanship program is designed to teach the intangibles - focus, feel, timing and savvy - things most people think can't be learned. 

There is an environment here that teaches horsemanship and takes you way beyond riding lessons. The scene is set for you to come and explore your mental, emotional and physical potential, to reach a deeper understanding of your horse and yourself, to learn the essence of communication and excellence with horses that will continue to unfold years after you've returned home.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home - The Horse Ranch!

…Glenn Stewart and The Horse Ranch Team

2019 Camp & Intensive Dates

Full applications are at the bottom of this page.

Foundation Course June 7-23

  • The foundation course consists of 3-4 day camps. If you already passed a stage you can start the foundation course at your level.

Summer Intensive June 7- August 10 

  • Includes 4 Camps, Horsemanship Intensive, two High & WIld Wilderness Horsemanship Education Adventures, facility fees and much more!!

Stage 1 Camp June 7 - June 10

Adv Stage 1 & 2 Camp June 12 - June 15

Stage  2& 3Camp June 20- June 23

Horsemanship Intensive - June 25 - July 4

Each camp can be taken without passing the prerequisite stage as long as they are taken in succession, one after the other in the same summer.  There is no prerequisite for the Stage 1 Camp.

Cabins and Lease Horses available, please refer to the printable Appplication Form at the very bottem of this page for more details.

Earlybird Savings for all bookings before February 15, 2019

Typically a lot of the events  fill up well before the earlybird deadlines. Students will be able to secure the lower pricing and hold their spots with deposits, just drop us a line at 1 877 728 8987 or email us at

Spaces will fill up therefore first come first serve, to reserve a spot in the camp you can call to register and pay by credit card or cheque, application form can be emailed, faxed or mailed in.


FULL 2019 CAMP SCHEDULE is in an attachement below


The following is a general overview of some of what is covered in the various Stages taught within the camps.  However, each camp is unique.  Please feel free to call with any questions you may have,

1 877 728 8987 or email

Partnership Stage 1 

Go Way Beyond Riding...Respect, Safety, Fun • Mental Collection

Being able to read horses is one of the greatest skills a horseman can have. It tells you what approach you need to take and helps you resolve problems quickly. Stage 1 is where 'horse savvy' begins, creating a positive balance of trust and respect, eliminating many common problems and safety issues.

The Camps that involve Stage 1 & 2 will help you develop a firm understanding of how to achieve respect and safety, and give you a chance to put them to practice with hands on help. You'll learn to play the 7 patterns horses play with one another, break down the prey-predator barrier, create a language with which to communicate with your horse and teach your horse on the ground the things you want him to understand when you are on his back. We will also be preparing for Stages 3 & 4 and covering other topics such as saddle savvy, the critical elements of how saddles can restrict or promote movement, trailer loading, and powerful strategies for building confidence and overcoming fear in both the horse and the rider. Glenn strongly believes that the bare minimum any horse owner should know is Stage 2. In a perfect world, Stage 5.

When you have Stage 1 Savvy:

  • Your horse comes to you. You don't have to "catch" him.
  • His ground manners are great. He is willing, cooperative, calm, more confident, compliant, friendly and adaptable.
  • He is easy to control. You don't have to use a bit to force him to stop or slow down.
  • He willingly moves forward at all gaits.
  • He stands quietly for saddling and willingly picks up his feet for cleaning and trimming.
  • His attitude toward you is positive, responsive, confident and respectful.
  • You have started to learn some of the essential keys to reading and motivating the horse.
  • Also learning to understand what it is that humans do that upset and create problems with horses.

Some of what is covered in Stage 1:

  • Catching your horse, using approach and retreat and not having to "hide" the halter
  • Build respectful confidence in your horse - taking out the spook
  • Learn how to move your horse using steady and rhythmic pressure, backwards, sideways, HQ, FQ, build the quality of your feel and touch for the horse so that you can be soft, effective, and meaningful.
  • All the cornerstones for moving your horse online at a distance of 12' feet - building blocks for liberty, trailer loading, sending over and onto objects, into small spaces
  • Saddling with savvy - the many things that should be common knowledge that are not, saddling without offending your horse.
  • Learn the right way to get on, so that it is smooth and safe, and how to have your horse respect the process and stand still. 
  • Lateral flexion - what will give you true control over your horse regardless of what you have on its head, the ability to dis-engage the hindquarters and ride with softness in a rope halter. We believe in saving the horses mouth, We also believe in bits when it's time - we use them for refinement, not control, and we will show you how.
  • Step by step fundamentals of the 9-Step backup
  • Emergency dismount - how to get on the ground safely when your warning bells go off!

Here are the Task Sheets that are representative of Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Harmony Stages 3 

These camps cover information required in Stages 3. Stage 3 is all Online and Liberty which is ground work, and we want to keep you riding while you are here too. Stage 3 Camp is the one to take if you have passed stage 2.  We've set it up so they can be taken separately, or complement each other perfectly when taken in succession.

Reach A Deeper Understanding of Your Horse and Yourself...Respect, Impulsion, Fun • Emotional Collection

Can you imagine knowing the secrets of control without force and communication without ropes? This is where the magic of horsemanship starts. Stages 3 &,4 and 5 takes horsemanship into realms far beyond what people do with horses every day and where the fun really begins. Learn to tell the critical difference between a lack of understanding or confidence vs. disrespect and the different ways to deal with each. These stages also explore impulsion, (where go=whoa) which is why you'll feel less and less need to use the reins for control. Horsemanship is made up of four Savvys, two on the ground, Online and Liberty; and two on the horses back:  Freestyle and Finesse.  Stage 3 is where the magic of communication starts to come into play involving more distance (longer lines) and precision, and where Liberty starts - communication without the ropes at all.  Stage 4 is all in the saddle - everything that was learned in Stages 1 & 2, combined with the ground work in Stage 3, takes your horsemanship to a whole new ease of understanding, confidence, and ability. Problems that arise can now be viewed as opportunities to learn and challenging situations in the past often cease to exist. 

Some of what is covered in Stage 3 & 4 Camps:

  • Further develop and build on everything in Stage 1 & 2
  • On Line (22’ Line), Liberty, Freestyle, Finesse
  • Drive and Draw
  • Concepts and philosophy of the round pen
  • Finding, creating and not loosing the connection
  • Equine Relationship Skills
  • Natural Riding Principles
  • Seven elements in the saddle
  • Inrtoduction to the Bit
  • Happy Paste Worming
  • Fast, safe and easy gate handling from your horses back
  • Four Responsibilities of the Horse
  • Four Responsibilities of the Rider
  • Secrets of Impulsion, Impulsion Programs
  • Positive Reflexes
  • Canter Leads
  • Simple Lead Changes
  • Supporting Rein
  • Diagonals
  • The Soft Feel
  • Trailer Loading from a distance
  • Fluidity Concepts
  • Simulations on Mighty Broncy
  • Trail Riding Safety can lead to fun; challenge your savvy and riding skills on our challenge course, trotting track and river valley trails

Here are the Task Sheets that are representative of Stage 3 and Stage 4.

Refinement Stages 5 & 6

Explore Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Potential

Advance your skills as you learn to encourage positive reflexes on the ground and in the saddle, more exercises to develop an independent seat, and what it takes to smoothly accomplish leads and lead changes. Build an advanced liberty connection. This is where your Horsemanship will start to become a reflexive way of life and being with horses, your Savvy will be a part of you, and not something you take off and put on like a hat. 

You will build accuracy, more feel and precision.  You will discover the benefits of Vertical Flexion and how to achieve the early stages of collection through respect, impulsion and flexion, properly and naturally combined.

Explore the concept of voluntary involvement from your horse and advance your intellectual understanding of how maneuvers are built, and to first be able to perform them in your own mind and body before accomplishing them on the horse.

Stages 5 & 6 Camps: 

  • On Line (22’ & 45' Line)
  • Advanced Liberty
  • Freestyle
  • Finesse
  • Equine Relationship Skills
  • The Soft Feel in Motion Natural Riding Principles
  • Finding Balance - "The Stretch"
  • Four Responsibilities of the Horse
  • Four Responsibilities of the Rider
  • Secrets of Impulsion, Impulsion Patterns & Programs
  • Positive Reflexes
  • Supporting Rein
  • Diagonals
  • The Soft Feel
  • Bridle-less Riding
  • Horsemanship Stick Riding
  • Continuing with Mighty Broncy
  • Leads and Lead Changes
  • Riding with Fluidity
  • Transitions
  • Sideways, Backup; Key Maneuvers, Essential ingredients
  • Psychology of getting horses to ‘offer’ more
  • 45' Rope Skills
  • Introduction to Stage 6 Liberty and Online
  • Driving from Zone Five using Long Reins
  • River Trails to further Develop Foundation
  • Advanced Trailer Loading

Here are the Task Sheets that are representative of Stage 5 and Stage 6.

The material in Stages 1-5 is also covered in the Master Horsemanship Series Part 1, which is a 6 DVD set that covers Stages 1-5 with Bonus DVD.  Nothing beats the hands on live experience of a camp with Glenn right there to help you with unique situations as they happen between you and your horse, but this DVD set is great preparation and good review afterwards.





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