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AQHA #4545015

The Glamour Girl - with brains and a sweet disposition. Kahlua comes from The Horse Ranch breeding program, home of Natural Horsemanship Instructor Glenn Stewart. Kahlua was started by Glenn, and is out of his stallion "Jet" that Glenn uses in many demonstrations and events across Canada. She has an exceptionally willing and quiet disposition and we are hard pressed to find anything that worries or upsets her. Very friendly.  This is the type of horse that is ready to go do almost anything, and be a gorgeous life partner to someone that wants a horse they can depend on.  She is the full sister to Dixie, Carson, and Keilys geldings, Tango, Samba, and Rhumba - their picks of the herd.

Kahluas foundation has been extensively developed in the Horse Ranch Horse Development Program she is coming along very nicely, a few tasks away from completing Stage 5. (Comparable to Parelli’s original Level 2. See more about the Stages 1-8 at under "Horsemanship". )

She is easy to catch, trim, vet, deworm, ties nicely and quietly, trailer loads well (can load her while sitting on the fender), hauls quietly, confident on trails and water crossing, leads with float in the rope, accepts saddle without being tied, lowers head to bridle, well developed Online with 12 & 22' lines, Liberty (work on the ground with no ropes, circles with transitions to trot/canter and back down, jumps, moves sideways, comes in off the circle, HQ & FQ disengagement, "stick to me" will stay alongside your shoulder with no lines for turns, backups, jumps, etc. Great with dallying/dragging objects with rope while riding, opening gates while mounted, not prone to spooking or shying. Freestyle and Finesse Riding, smooth canter transitions, responsive light backup, can ride in natural halter or hackamore, snaffle bit, beginning cherokee bridle (holds a string in the mouth independently) at all gaits, bareback or with saddle. Moves off leg well for pivoting on HQ or FQ yields, side passes, simple lead changes, nice circles, and good impulsion (go=whoa), good self carriage, balanced at the walk, trot, canter and gallop.

Glenn has taken her on the road to many clinics, getting her used to hauling and exposure to many different situations and living away from her pasture mates, she has seen a good portion of western Canada. Kahlua is extremely versatile and athletic, the type of horse that will excel at competition or ranch work, yet quiet and steady enough to trail or pleasure ride.